How to write a blog title: clear or clever?

I am still new to writing blogs, so I decided to read this post when I saw it. It is more for companies or news sites who are looking to get a lot of traffic to their blogs and need help marketing it with the right title. While clever titles may work for print ads or magazines, it does not work well online. Keywords are better, because it gives the blog a better chance of coming up in a search engine. This should give companies something to think about when trying to appeal to their customer. First, what is the focus of the blog and second, how can we create a title to attract consumers to read it. It is a pretty tough task if you ask me. For news articles, fear and loss are good things to attract readers attention. The fear should leaving you wondering and wanting to read the article so you can avoid the loss. I think for a company selling a good or service, fear or loss may not be the way to target readers. To some extent it may work, but not all the time because then it will angle the product or service toward a certain light. Companies selling something should use a blend of fear and loss, along with benefits and gain. I do not want to follow a blog of a product I like it is only telling me what to avoid. While that is important and useful, a pick-me-up is also nice sometimes. Companies and news media has a lot to think about when trying to get traffic to their blog.

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