Do you drink more depending on the glass shape?

Thanks to my advertising teacher’s blog I saw this article on the Psychology of Beer. It is interesting how our eyes can deceive us into drinking more and how restaurants and bars can potentially use that to their advantage. Basically, the shape and size of the glass influence how fast or how much we drink.

The first caption Neuroscience put up was “Curvy Glass, Goes Down Fast”: when drinking beer it was shown that people drink the beer faster because they have a harder time accurately gauging where the halfway point is. In a straight glass it is easier to tell. I do not know if I can say that I pay attention to when I get half way finished with a drink, but I can see how it is harder in a curved glass.

Besides beer, people tend to pour more in to a short wide glass versus a tall skinny glass. This applies for any drink, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It was even noted that even bartenders make this mistake and pour more liquor in to a short glass. I worked at a bar and I wish I would have seen this article then to ask the bartenders about it or even test it out. Oh the way our mind deceives us!

Both of these are good knowledge for consumers. Slow down when drinking beer out of a curvy glass and order drinks from a bar that come in the shorter glasses! It is also good to know that when you get a curvy glass the server may be thinking they can get you to drink it faster to either order another sooner or leave sooner so they can get more customers.  Hmmmm could be a concern if their motives are to speed you up to order more. Just an interesting study I wanted to share, check it out!


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